Medports Association

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On 27th June, 2018 Malta Freeport Authority attended the first General Assembly of the MEDPorts Association as a founder member at the Port of  Marseille,  France. The Association is a league uniting twenty port  authorities  from  ten different countries around the Mediterranean. The  objectives of MEDPorts include, improving efficiency, sustainability,  competitiveness in the region and to study problems relating to port  activities and the Maritime Sector in general with a view to establishing worldwide recognition. The twenty founding members are: Algeciras, Arzew, Barcelona, Bastia, Bejaia, Beirut, Civitavecchia, Damietta, Luka  Koper, Malta Freeport, Marseilles Fos, the Office of the Merchant Navy  and ports that brings together the Tunisian ports, ports de l’Estado,  Skikda, Tangier Med, Serport (which groups the Algerian  ports), Tarragona, Toulon, Valencia and Venice. These will in the coming  weeks be joined by the Moroccan National Port Agency, Alexandria,  Durres and Thessaloniki. MEDPorts members collectively account for  the handling of 70% of the total tonnage passing through the  Mediterranean and more than 50% of the container traffic. Various committees have been set up to make the work of the Association more effective. Malta Freeport Corporation has been appointed to chair the Executive Committee responsible for Statistics and Market Analysis and also sits on the Sustainability Committee.

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Malta Marittima

‘Malta Marittima’ is a Government of Malta agency that was established in 2016, Malta Freeport Corporation sits on the steering committee of this agency. One of the Agency’s main objectives is to bring industry and government stakeholders together so as to focus and promote the continued and enhanced development of the marine and maritime industries in the Maltese Islands Malta Marittima instigated an ongoing discussion by all participants on the best ways to optimize on the potential Malta has to enhance our position as an international logistics hub.

In 2018,Malta Freeport Corporation participated in The SOCLIMPACT Local Work Group Meeting which was organised by The AquaBioTech Group and Malta Marittima.  The primary scope of this meeting was to discuss the climate impacts and decarbonisation pathways in EU islands and enhancing socioeconomic and non-market evaluation of Climate Change for Europe, for 2050 and beyond.

SoClimPact a project co-financed by the European Union’s horizon 2020 research and innovation programme to deplete climate change impacts and low carbon transition pathways in 12 European states.