What is the role of Malta Freeport Corporation Ltd?

Malta Freeport Corporation is the Authority responsible for the administration, act as the regulator and issue licences of the Freeport. MFC plays an active role in maintaining harmony between the stakeholders operating in the Freeport and act as a pivotal player towards minimizing bureaucracy in port operations.

How is Malta Freeport Corporation Ltd governed?

Malta Freeport Corporation falls under the responsibility of the Ministry for the Economy, European Funds and Lands. In 1989 The Malta Freeports Act was drafted with special attention given to Malta’s application to join the European Union and is in full conformity with EU regulations. Reference can be made to the Malta Freeports Act 1989.

Port operations

What is Bunkering ?

Bunkering is the supp ing of fuel for use by ships, and includes the shipboard logistics of loading fuel and distributing it among available bunker tanks. Bunkering Charges can be found here.

What is Berthing ?

The vessel waits on anchor in a berthing area in Maltese Territorial Waters, then vessel proceeds to Malta Freeport Terminals, Oil tanking Malta or Medserv Quay according to their respective operations. Berthing tariff for entering the Port click here. Berthing Charges can be found here.

Where can I get my Pass?

To access the Malta Freeport Zone with or without a motor vehicle, one must obtain Authorisation and must strictly comply with safety and environmental rules. To apply, please contact Security Office at the Gate on security.gate@maltafreeport.com.mt
or call on +356 22251604. Access will be granted only to persons having a legitimate reason to enter the Freeport Terminal Zone, reporting to our Security Officials.
How can I renew my Operational License?

The User License Fee is an Operational License which is paid yearly in advance to continue operations within the Malta Freeport Zone.