Message from the CEO

The Malta Freeport Authority’s major responsibility is to administer the affairs of the   Freeport with a view to fostering the economic development of Malta by encouraging   the fulfilment of industrial and economic enterprises therein. This is in accordance with   the enabling law by virtue of which the Authority was constituted.  We have a mission   to maintain harmony between the stakeholders that operate within the zone and to   ensure that licenses granted to the operators are adhered according to Terms and Conditions of the Freeports Act.

Apart from the stakeholders that operate within the Freeport zone, the Authority maintains regular contact with the Birzebbugia Local Council and the local NGO’s; we believe that the time is ripe for Birzebbuga to be given something back after years of  development within the Freeport zone and hence, together with the Malta Freeport Terminals and Projects Plus we have embarked on a project from which the locality and its residents will benefit.

Recognition must be given to the employees for the dedication in their role especially the Security Team who work hand in hand with the Customs Department to maintain high levels of security in this strategic zone of our islands. Last year over 2,200 ships called within the Freeport and a total of 3.31 million TEU’s (twenty foot equivalent units) were handled by MFTL. An average of 350 containers per day passed through the main gate. Various projects commenced this year. With the view of having all employees on board in our continuous efforts, the Collective Agreement was concluded during May 2018 and working conditions and wages were improved. Another project that we have embarked on is the re-branding of the Authority. This project will be finalised by end 2019.

It is clear that it is only by means of a  pro-active approach and tireless efforts that we can prevent illegal and abusive activities and, with this aim, the  Malta Freeport Authority is continuously training the Security team  and providing them with new and cutting edge technological equipment in order to empower them to reach these goals.  ​

David Magro – Chief Executive Officer ​