Project 1 – Multi-Storey Car Park

Malta Freeport Corporation is committed to ameliorate the habitable environment at Birzebbuga and thus a €3 million fund has been allocated to construct a multi-storey car park adjacent to both the Freeport Zone and the residential area.

The car park will serve the public community and Freeport employees with a total of 400 car spaces. Construction works started in late 2019 and are estimated to be concluded by end of 2022. All finishing works are nearly concluded and project will be inaugurated early 2024.

Project 2 – High Voltage Shore Connections (HVSC) at Malta Freeport

The Government through the Malta Freeport Corporation is now in the process of starting the implementation of the HVSC system at Malta Freeport. The system will serve to provide electricity supply to vessels berthed at Malta Freeport, hence eliminating the necessity of vessels utilizing their own generated power while at berth. The system will be available at the Freeport’s busiest quays namely North Quay Terminal 1 and North Quay Terminal 2. This will mean a considerable reduction in emissions of nitrous oxides, sulphur oxides and particulate matter as well as a slight reduction in ship-generated noise.

There will be minimal effect on the residents in the immediate area of the Freeport while works on the project are ongoing. Detailed planning will allow the operating companies at the Freeport to proceed with their 24 X 7 operations uninterrupted.

The onshore power supply project implementation is expected to last two years and the main funding will  be sourced through the EU’s Just Transition Fund. The project is in line with Malta Freeport Corporation’s rational towards the environment.