€2 Million in refunds for merchant ships and companies

The Government has allocated more than €2 million for a scheme intended to help the maritime industry recover from the economic effects which it has suffered because of the pandemic. The refund scheme for port fees is intended to reduce the burden on importers and protect consumers from price increases.

This scheme applies to all ships with cargo that called at Malta between December 2019 and May 2020. These will be entitled for a Refund of 35% on Port Dues, Pilotage Dues and Mooring Services Dues. It also applies to companies which import and export merchandise, with every trailer being eligible for a refund of €40 while every container is eligible for a refund of €20.

The total refunds in numbers are:

  • Number of ship call: 1,357
  • Number of containers: 24,719
  • Number of trailers : 14,755

This scheme will be administered by Transport Malta. https://mtip.gov.mt/en/Government/press%20releases/Pages/2020/PR201545.aspx