Launch of the Double Glazing Scheme

The Government in collaboration with Malta Freeport Corporation and Malta Freeport Terminals announced a €300,000 scheme for Birżebbuġa residents to apply for a refund for replacing their windows with double-glazed aperatures.

The scheme was announced at a press conference in Birżebbuġa, in the presence of Minister for Tourism Konrad Mizzi, responsible for Malta Freeport Corporation, Permanent Secretary at the Ministry for Tourism Ronald Mizzi, Freeport Corporation CEO David Magro, Dr Duncan Borg Myatt from Malta Freeport Terminal, the Birżebbuġa Local Council and other officials.

The scheme which opens in October, is open to residents in 38 streets and who have never applied for a similar scheme in the past. Successful applicants shall receive up to 90% of the cost toward replacing their apertures, to a maximum of €2000. 

The scheme is estimated to help around 150 families, and is aimed at achieving a balance between the economic requirements of the Freeport and the quality of life of Birżebbuġa residents.