Malta Freeport Corporation has taken an active role in making Malta Freeport as anti-COVID19 as possible

Malta Freeport Corporation in conjunction with, and in full co-operation with all the major stakeholders have taken various steps in the ongoing ‘fight’ against the invisible enemy the COVID19 virus.

Crew changes at Freeport where immediately stopped while all ships calling, besides the standard Master declaration of clean bill of health, were subject to inspection / screening by medics based at Malta Freeport on a 24X7 basis before any employees were allowed to board the vessels for loading / unloading operations to be able to commence.

All employees at Malta Freeport Terminals including Port Workers are being screened by Malta Freeport Corporation security personnel before being allowed access into the terminal. Clerical staff from Malta Freeport  Corporation  and Malta Freeport Terminals who can work from home are doing so while anyone needing to go to the offices are also being screened on entry. Hand palming has been replace by a barcoding system.

All hauliers, third party sub contractors and visitors are also being screened before being allowed to proceed to the facilities at the Free Zone including the Liquigas plant at Benghajsa. 

Malta Freeport Terminals have commissioned a company to fumigate all the cranes’ and tug master cabins. They have also digitised paper documents ( where possible )  required to release imported full containers.

Malta Freeport Corporation has also made sure that all entities have adequate supplies of masks, gloves and sanitizers. It is extremely important the Malta Freeport work is not interrupted provided that all precautions are taken so as to protect all the employees and anyone associated with the operations undertaken.