Measures adopted by MFC during Covid-19 Pandemic

Throughout this pandemic we are committed to work round the clock to reduce the risks related to the COVID -19 while ensuring that Terminals continue to operate efficiently.

Malta Freeport Corporation is proud of its dedicated employees who rose up to this challenge in order to keep this vital organ of the country ongoing safely.

The following measures and procedures were implemented at Malta Freeport as from March:
• In collaboration with MFT, a thermal scanner/reader was installed at the pedestrian gate for the MFT                        employees, port workers, third party contactors and visitors crew.
• Installation of a screening post on the road prior entering the gates. This initiative was coordinated                          between MFC, MFTL, Medserv, Oiltanking and Liuqigas so that all drivers of vehicles are scanned.
• Deployed two nurses and security to control traffic.
• All the ship’s crew are forbidden to disembark on ‘on-shore leave’ and crew changes were stopped.