Tariff of charges

1. Non-licenced Company’s Certificate €10

A Certificate issued to companies which are not licenced by the Malta Freeport Authority, declaring that said company (a) is not owned by Malta Freeport Corporation or any of its subsidiaries; (b) has not been issued with any licence by the Malta Freeport Authority and (c) is not enjoying any tax benefit under the Malta Freeports Act.

2. Licence €2,325

As per Malta Freeports Act 1989, a licensing fee shall be payable “by every company to whom a licence is issued pursuant to the provisions of this Act; and an annual fee of like amount shall thereafter be payable upon each anniversary of the company being granted a licence: provided that no alteration to the licence fee shall have effect before the expiration of one year from the publication of such alteration in the Gazette.”

3. Bunkers €232

Any vessel berthed alongside the quays of Malta Freeport which is provided with bunkering services through a bunkering barge will be liable for the above mentioned charge per occurrence. Agents must inform Malta Freeport Corporation Security Department 12 hours prior to bunkering operation taking place. Barge or road tanker deliveries are available through arrangements made with agents. All deliveries must have prior approval from the Terminal Operator.

4. Non-manipulation Certificate €65 – Per extra Copy €27.50

A certificate issued by request of an agent to confirm that container has not been manipulated or tampered in any way.

5. Security Identification Card €10

6. Renewal of Card € 4.50

Due to the requirements of the ISPS code, Malta Freeport Corporation is undertaking a number of additional security measures including more access control. Each individual entering the terminal has to show his/her identification card, which is issued by the Security Department. Cards have to be renewed annually.

7. Security Services (negotiable upon request)

Malta Freeport Corporation provides special security services at the Freeport to third parties on request.