Squaring off Terminal 2 at the Freeport

Through the concept of Private Public Partnership, Malta Freeport Corporation and Malta Freeport Terminals will embark on the squaring off project on Terminal 2 at Malta Freeport. On completion of this grand project, Terminal 2, will be able to host the latest class of 24,000 TEU vessels. The squaring off will see reclamation expansion of 167 meters of the north wharf and 195 meters on the west wharf, a total of 30,000sq.m of land from the sea.

The project is expected to cost €103.8 million with €55 million being the infrastructural works to reclaim the land. Malta Freeport is currently operating at its full capacity. This investment will allow the Freeport to host ships that are longer than 400m. The Capacity of the Terminal will increase from 3.6 million TEUs to 4 million container movements per year. Thus, Malta will remain as one of the major activities’ centres.

Hon Minister Silvio Schembri said that “the Government is supporting this project because the Freeport is a crucial cog in the economy and the planned expansion will create 165 new jobs,” Hon Schembri added that the government took the opportunity to enforce contractual changes that mitigate the impact of the Freeport’s operations on nearby residents.

The new conditions will see Freeport Terminals renounce its right to install quay cranes on West Quay Terminal 1, which is the innermost quay closest to residents. Another condition will impose a ban on roll-on roll-off (ships that carry trucks and trailers) activity during night-time. The third condition is that the operator will also bind itself to contribute a further €300,000 as corporate social responsibility.

The completion date of this project is scheduled in 2024.